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MenOnTheNet reviews !!

The Lowdown:  Stag Homme is the creative output of one of the most imaginative, visually inspired, and sexually charged gay porn studios on the planet and the creative outlet for international pornstar power-couple Damien Crosse and Francesco D’Macho. American Crosse was a Titan exclusive 2006-08, then a Raging Stallion exclusive 2008, while Italian D’Macho was a Hot House exclusive during the same time. Coupled, they moved to Madrid, Spain, and started Stag Homme Studio in 2008, releasing their first movie soon thereafter. Their website started as documentation of their porn lives, even covering their gay marriage in 2009. And it’s osmosed into the sexually and sensually imaginative pornsite of today. Their erotic oeuvre has become one of the most creative bodies of work in the gay porniverse. From their HQ in Madrid, they have access to the sexiest stunning men of Spain, as well as the hottest studio exclusives and guest stars from the rest of Europe, the USA, and South America. And Damien and Francesco, two of the hottest gay adult stars, appear in many scenes, and alternate directing them. With many porn award noms to their credit, including multiple Mounties, they were the 2012 Cybersocket winner for Best European Site. By becoming a Stag Homme member, you not only get to watch dozens of hours of the best mansex on the planet, but you are supporting and paying homage to the creativity of two of the most talented men in gay porn.

Thumbs Up:  See above. This is one of the most creative of gay pornsites (see also CockyBoys) in every aspect of production – the unique and uniquely presented themes of the videos; filming methods, editing, and lighting techniques; fabulous locations including their ultra-sexy Madrid roof terrace, blue-sky and sun-drenched Mediterranean settings, or dark clubs and alleyways; even clothing and costumes; and of course the sexiest men they can find. The videos are uniformly excellent in every varying way they are presented for your enjoyment. Videos can be either vaguely plot-driven or all-sex, and either way plot setups are all intriguing, and the mansex is blistering. Like its brother sites, design and navigation have been improved, as well as search and sortability. And their are dozens of bonus feed to supplement your membership.

Thumbs Down:  Updates are a little less frequent than other sites, but you can’t hurry this kind of creative genius. DRM restricts viewing downloaded videos to those with current memberships. There are limited video viewing options. Their is no separate access to photo galleries, which are few at present. There is little model info except what’s in scene descriptions. There is no comment feature, limiting interactivity. Keywords in scene descriptions are unlinked (though searchable from the home page). Related Scenes lists seem random. There’s no zip download for photosets.




Preview:  Atop the home page are the 8 newest videos, rotating screen-wide pix with a column of thumbs at left to navigate. Each will play about a minute preview. Those are followed by the first page of the video index with the 21 most recent. A coupla interspersed hot banners link to join. At left are the category search terms and 4 big hot hot hot hot pic-links to Stag Homme DVDs which link further to buy and preview at distributor Raging Stallion. The home page index pagelinks onward to the complete index, and all the videos have preview trailers that show, scrolling up, in the topscreen. Alternatively and concurrently, tour the rest of the preview site either via toplinks or the take the tour link at top left, then continue the tour to go on. There are 3 video indexes, one for sort-of independent scenes, one for scenes from series, and then both together. Check out their dozen DVDs. The tour links don’t go on to the model index for some reason, so toplink it to see all the guys. Bonus XXX previews 44 video feeds that are free with membership. And you can read and enjoy the Blogwith or without joining.

Joining:  Membership info shows all usefully on the first page. First make sure to read the info at left – it says that videos are DRM-protected and that Mac users can stream only. Cards accepted show as Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Diners Club, JCB, and a couple of others. Payment processors are WMMH, Epoch, and CCBill – you’ll find out which either on page 2 or when you get your statement. Rates are $24.95 a month, rebilling same; $59.95 for 3 months, rebilling same; and $99.95 for 6 months, one-time-only. On page 2, interestingly it’s only showing Visa, Mastercard, and Discover, but the page does translate to a dozen languages – like all the European languages that their multi-national models speak. There’s an online check payment option via WTS.

Inside:  The members area is the same as outside. The top screen here is a shortcut to view the 8 latest updates. The home page video index is lesser in sortability so choose one of the 3 toplinks. All those video indexes sort by name or date back and forth, most viewed, and top rated; and view at 30 per page, back to March 2009. All Videos is the combo index, with today’s total of 123. XXX Features is for sort of independently themed scenes, today at 91. And the XXX Series index is for vids (31 today) from continuing series including 30 Loads of FacialsThugs in PublicStraight Man Fucks Me, and Stag TV. The latter was a porn reality series that started off Francesco and Damien’s pornsite in 2008, and shows their travels, porn work, and behind-the-scenes. Our DVDs showcasesStag Homme’s 12 releases since 2009. You can certainly tell from the covers that these movies are of exceptional quality and eroticism. A lot of ‘em have ‘stag’ in the title. Link to the individual movie page for description and index entry links to view all the scenes (except Cum In My Face 2). The Mensorts, rates, and faves the same as the video indexes, displaying 16/p on 4pp – it’s 69 guys (hmmm) today. There’s no separate info on the models here, descriptions are on vid pages. Oddly, the 2 scene pic-links at top duplicate themselves in the complete model’s scene links below. Links are the same as index entries with the shortcuts/links to vids. Bonus XXX features 44 sources for watching movies/videos, including studios/sites like Falcon, Treasure Island, Fetish Force, Fratmen, plus VOD by multiple genres. The Blog seems to have just started in February 2013 – it’s a fun spot for previews, b-t-s, interviews, and more. Remember that the category search/sort is only located on the home page. There are 29 keywords that have been custom selected as most apropos for the content onStag Homme, like POV, cum-eating, pissing, threesomes, suits, and much more. These are mostly activities with just a few ‘looks’ terms that are relevant to the models here – big dick and muscular should be a given on Stag Homme. Selecting more than one term at a time adds to the results rather than refining them. Click a cat and the results come up immediately, adjacent. There’s also a keyword search at top – it’ll get results from descriptive text and category keywords. The results, differently, are just picture links to scenes/DVDs. Finally at the bottom of the home page are some Facebook stuff and a link/preview to a brother site.

Tech Stuff:  First, thanks Stag Homme for considerately listing running times in the indexes. Videos range 5 to 36 minutes, maybe averaging 20. Streaming in Flash, I’m defaulting to a 9?”x5¼” screen. Going full-screen gets HD-ish quality, so no prob. I’m guessing all the vids are HD even though they’re not specifically labelled as such; they are widescreen. There’s a control that has percentages, don’t know what that does – anybody? So, downloadable vids are “digitally protected to prevent them from being shared or swapped.” And downloaded vids will only be viewable as long as your membership is active. Plus, they say to watch those vids you’ll have to be connected to the internet as you’ll get a permission prompt for your username and password. Downloads are .wmv files. Right click and save-target-as. First I tried to left click to stream – I was prompted to “upgrade” Windows Media Player, then a message, then a login prompt, then script error, then Active X add-on, wait for license, then click ‘play’ to watch. Okay, whatever. Download – acquire rights, login, wait, play. Downloaded size is 1280×720 and going full-screen excellent quality. While I wait for a download from an individual vid page rather than direct from the index – my old computer’s taking a few minutes – I discover that some vids have photo galleries too. Since they’re not otherwise indexed, who knew? Click a thumb and it opens on a separate page. Images default to resized, but it easily switches off for full size. There’s efficient navigation via next and previous, file jump, plus a 5-speed slideshow. There’s no zip download for the photoset. Full size pix are 1000×665.

Camerawork: Damien and Francesco make creative use of every aspect of videography. Lighting, focus, framing, angles, close-ups, panning and zooming are exploited for the most erotic results. They avail themselves of lingering stationary shots or gonzo POV hand-held filming. There are series of vids based on those two plus spycams. Two-camera shooting sometimes results in split-screen fucking. Like few others, Stag Homme films hot mansex in low/no light settings. The guys definitely know how to film sexy naked men and every sexual activity in the most sensual manner.

The Guys: The cover of Stag Homme’s first DVD, Stag Fight, shows studio honcho super-couple Damien Crosse and Francesco D’Macho. OMG they are jaw-droppingly hot! Just for them, it’d be enough reason to join Stag Homme. Check out the rest of those extraordinary, award-winning DVD cover photos in the movie index besides browsing the model index pix, all clear evidence that Stag Homme has assembled a stunning set of studs. With many sexy Spaniards, supplemented by men from Venezuela, Argentina, Cuba, and Brazil, many scenes represent an erotic voyage through the hombres calientes of the Spanish-speaking world. Euro-stud-wise, among the stars of Stag Candy is Hungarian muscle-god Rob Nelson as the Adonis-like cover-man who sets off sexual fireworks separately with both Damien and Francesco. Stag Homme sets the bar high. Their casts typically consist of seriously sexy sets of performers. Many international studs are newcummers – and you’ll see them here first or only. In scenes from one movie are exclusives Goran and Adrian Toledo, plus Eliad Anastos, Adonis, Xavi, and Valentino – other faves are Donato Reyes, Maikel Cash, and Adrian Toledo - not the same pornstars you’ll see all over American porn. With occasional US guests like Spencer Reed, Johnny Hazzard, and Jessy Ares, you get the selective best of both worlds. Damien and Francesco thrust their guys into imaginative and sizzling scenes. Their rooftop is one sexy porn-set, overlooking the houses of Madrid – do neighbors watch as they film naked, muscular, handsome men lust over their sweaty bodies, suck and fuck with abandon, maybe luxuriate in the outdoor hot tub or sensual shower. And Stag Homme makes erotic use of all possible body fluids – at least four of them. The boys let their imaginations run wild and you’ll find aliens, masked anonymous bods, and ancient Roman soldiers among the gay porn archetypes that populate the hottest sexual situations. On Stag Homme, both the men and what they do are sexy, sensual, sensuous, sensory, and just sensational!

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A little eye candy


What an amazing shoot we had today!!

tony blog peek

I can’t tell you just yet who shot for us today but here is a little peek of his back side.. Great energy on set today with this Spanish bull newcomer. Coming soon on

Oh I forgot did you see the size of his cock?? Look closely..


Jesse Ares 1on1 for (full interview)


You are going to be missed our beautiful friend :(

You were one of the sweetest people we’ve ever met. Always so happy and full of good energy. It was so refreshing being around you. We only have great memories of you our sweet Frenchy.. Wherever your soul might be we hope is resting and found finally a happy place.

Francesco & Damien

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Wilfried-Knight-and-Damien-Crosse1


A little free porn for all of you :)


Family dinner



Sad Jesse Ares left us but very happy with the outcome of a very productive week, here enjoying dinner among close friends. Time to relax a bit. Lot of great projects in the making :)



“GODS OF PORN” DVD cover shoot behind-the-scenes


How hot are these three together?

Watch XXX trailer of the muse above. Watch full movie here.

the muse 4


Jesse Ares interview preview for

Stay tuned for Jesse’s full interview here on